Friday, February 7, 2014

a small milestone...

Today a small milestone in my PhD journey was achieved. I was able to submit my thesis title to the Student Admin office. As per regulations, thesis titles need to be submitted at least 2 months prior to final thesis submission. This means my title should be the final one. Minor changes are allowed but it is preferred to have no more changes. So it is a small milestone but still major for me as this means I really have to tighten things with my manuscript. After submission, I went back to my PhD desk and did not feel like doing anything with my manuscript. And it was Friday afternoon as well. But I have to mark my calendar re: how many weeks before final submission. I have to do a weekly countdown and be firm with myself regarding the use of my time. It's true that I have submitted my draft manuscript to my supervisor but there are still lots of work to do on it. So I can not relax that much as yet ... the journey continues...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 now

So what is going on with me now? Am I still in the midst of a fishful existence? Still of course! Not just fish but shrimp as well! And so many other world now is full of words, numbers, papers, books, graphs, tables, etc .... I am writing, reading, understanding, etc... creating mind maps sometimes... just trying to finish my manuscript. It.Is.Hard. It is like, you read a lot, and there are lots of ideas out there, and you have your own ideas as well. They are all swirling inside your head. How to get them all down in paper? And then you need to balance your life with something non-fish. Just so you can have a peaceful existence this time. Music, that's it! Other topics to read also helps. Cooking. Baking. Shopping. The latter one is limited coz of budget constraints. So that's me at this time. Hope to get back to blog writing again on a regular basis.

Shared food with Bangladeshi, Greek, Mexican & Omani friends last Sunday. I cooked the noodles.