Thursday, October 29, 2009

What, another blog again?

Yes, I just can't help myself! It took me quite sometime to launch this. Finally today I made up my mind to start a new one. This is due to the fact of my new status as a PhD student. So you have an idea already what types of stuff will be posted here. It will all be about what I am doing in relation to my research. Other life issues and all that will still be in my sweetcarnation blog.

During our induction day last 8 October the main thing most of the speakers emphasized was to WRITE. Start writing about anything day by day. To get into the habit of writing thoughts and insights as well as activities and what happened during the day and night. Of course the 'writing' they have in mind is the actual writing, using a pen and a notepad. So all of us have these notebooks and university diary to record things.

But for me since I am used to typing my thoughts and it is faster to 'write' my thoughts through typing, I think I will opt for an electronic diary instead. But I just have to make sure to back them all up just in case something happens. But of course my notepad remains as my able companion and I will continue to note things down there.

So I think this is enough for a first post. By this time you might be wondering about the title of my blog. Well I hope to write about it in the next post. In the meantime, gotta park now as I have a meeting with my supervisor/advisor tomorrow so I think I need to do some readings and organizing my thoughts.


  1. Congratulations Jigsz! What a blog name! Yes, being the child of the King, you are really living in the midst of a peaceful (fishful) existence!

    God bless!

  2. bongits thanks for the comments and being the first commenter. i hope you will have many comments and insight to give later as i will be working on shrimps as well...ikaw ang expert dyan!

  3. good for starting and keep continue it. You can do it ga.

  4. Great idea! Hope I could visit here more often..