Saturday, June 19, 2010

So wazzup?

Typical ... as a graduate research student there are times (oh just so many!) that I can say I am PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper). So this blog has not been updated for months! Lots have happened since the last post. I had done my initial field work...going to a number of provinces and meeting different stakeholders. It was a scoping exercise so there was no massive surveys. I just had a checklist of questions so the information I collected was not that massive. The detailed surveys will be done in the next phase, towards the end of the year. I am analysing the information I collected, and for the site visits I am also writing them up in report format. So far I had submitted 2 abstracts from these data, to be presented as posters in 2 conferences. I am also drafting my first paper to be submitted for publication by August. There are so many things to do, varied things, so life is never boring. And with the World Cup 2010 going on, there is a need to balance my time. I watch the matches as well especially if my favorite teams are playing. Even at 130 am here, finishing at 330 am. This also adds excitement to life here.

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