Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paper1 draft submitted

Whewww! What a relief! I thank God that today I finally submitted the first draft (actually 5th draft for me but 1st for my supervisors) of my first paper. I had to really isolate myself just so I could concentrate. I had all the papers spread around me as I review and refer to them. The first draft was the first cut. Once my supervisors are through reading it, I know more work is required. So I have to prepare myself. Tonight I did not bring my work home. I also left my work computer in the office as I plan to just relax. Now I am using my pinky netbook to check emails, write this blog and surf a bit before going to bed. I did bring a print out of my draft just in case I feel like I want to read it.

Starting tomorrow it's for other things to do such as the technical and financial report of my project, preparing poster for a conference next month, and more data analysis and reading. It never stops.

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