Saturday, September 17, 2011

Writing Workshop 1

During 6-9 September our supervisors organised a writing workshop for our team. The venue was in one of the farms in Thornhill, Stirling called West Moss-Side. It is about a half-hour drive from the university, and a very good place for writing as it is remote and so the atmosphere is really conducive for writing. There were no distractions such as the internet and noise from others. There was a designated room just for talking/discussion. We consulted with our supervisors individually to discuss about our papers.

We had a certain routine while there. We would start at 9am, then break for coffee/tea at 11am, lunch at 1pm, coffee/tea at 3pm, then at 5pm we wrap-up. I think we have been quite productive and hope we can follow the same routine even at the uni.

There will be two more writing workshops during our stay here and I hope that we can have quality output for our papers before we go back to our respective research sites.

A view from the loft where we were working (conference room).

Each of us had a desk to work on ... no talking, please.

My desk ...  

The view from where I was sitting ... during the first day it rained heavily.

Working ...

A nap on the nice sofa was also good ...

Various art pieces are on display in many parts of the house.

The yurts (tents) are for overnight guests ...

The farm grows cattle for meat. Organic only.

The farm house converted into a gallery and meeting venue.

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