Friday, December 16, 2011

i am back ...

I arrived back from the UK last Sunday. It was a hectic week there before I left, as there were so many things to do, both on the academic side as well as personal aspects. My data analysis seemed to be ok according to my supervisor, esp the stats and we discussed how they can be better presented in a paper. As well, there were other things to wrap up with the team related to the project for eg the submitted reports, posters, database, papers 1 & 2 drafts. On the personal side, I had some lots of packing to do. And some shopping, even to the last day as I had no time during the other days. I had to schedule my packing as a friend was coming to visit me on my last day there. So I told myself everything should be clear before she came! And I was able to accomplish it. Packing my stuff both in the office and in the flat was tiring and made me sweat, which was also ok considering that the weather was so cold, and getting colder. In fact there was a storm (strong winds and rain) as well as snow during the last few days!
Burning the midnight oil ... 

I had to leave some stuff with the uni.

During my stay there, from August to early December, I was able to complete the following: scoping and state of the system workshop reports, first paper draft on “A systems overview of four commercially important farmed seafood species with an export focus in Thailand” to be submitted to Reviews in Aquaculture Journal, information posters on “Sustaining the Shrimp and Tilapia Value Chains in Thailand”, analysis of data from scoping, integrated survey and SOS workshop related to sustainability issues, and, second paper draft with a working title of “Shrimp and tilapia value chain actors in Thailand: their perceptions on sustainability”. During this period I was also able to discuss with the rest of the SEAT project team in Stirling regarding the action research (WP9) deliverable protocols for Thailand, and specifically for my own PhD field research on sustainability factors identified from our field research. In addition, I continued to provide management and technical inputs to the Thai team for work related to other WPs. Now I am back in Thailand, with several work responsibilities both in project management and in the planning and implementation of action research work related to my PhD, such as: the impact of posters on various stakeholders, the causes and detection of, and means to reduce or eliminate off-flavour in tilapia, and developing approaches in integrating gender aspects in aquaculture research. 
It's surely good to be back, with the warm and sunny weather (no more layers of clothing and jackets), and delicious Thai food, among other reasons!

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