Friday, March 16, 2012

field work

I have been here nearly 4 months after I came back from UoS. What have I done in relation to my own research? I have been doing more project management and research related to others rather than mine. Everyday I tell myself I need to set aside a time for my own work. Soon it will be done! Now after recruiting a few more staff members who will handle most of the work I have been doing, I will have more time to devote on my own work.

What I have done so far is related to the action research on impact assessment of posters. The posters have been distributed and responses on immediate impact have already been obtained. The data are with me and they need to be analysed. The posters need to be distributed to a more diverse audience and posted in public places. This will be the next step I have to do. Then the impact assessment 2-3 months after distribution of poster is coming near. Most of this will be done by phone. I will need to orient the staff who will assist me with this. Of course in situ assessments will also be done, wherein we will observe those who are reading the posters in public places and approach the people to inquire about what they think of the posters.

The next research I need to be working on in terms of the technical aspect is related to the action research on off-flavour of tilapia. We have gone to discuss with a commercial farm willing to conduct the trials with us. The next step is for me to design the trials along with other activities such as awareness raising about tilapia flavour quality among groups of farmers, and in collaboration with processors and buyers. A colleague Doug Waley who is also a PhD student at UoS and helping out with the action research, will attend the Brussels Seafood Show in April and will also conduct some surveys among the Europeans re: perceptions and needs related to fish quality. 

Then the writing ... for my own publications, then the conference posters, and the chapter in the SEAT book. Among others... 


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