Monday, November 12, 2012


Since September I have given 3 oral presentations in various places. It was a relief to finally give the last one last week (the last for this year, that is). You can imagine the time spent on preparing the presentations, and trying to improve them, to fit within the time allotted, to anticipate questions, and to be able to present something that will give the audience an idea of what is going on with my research. The first 2 presentations were on the same topic, but the way they were presented was quite different from each other. Because the audience was different and the time given was also different. The 3rd one was on a totally different topic and it was quite a task because it is based on an on-going work, with the first phase done and the remaining 2 phases still under preparation. Again the audience and format of presentation were much different. So after these 3 I felt quite relieved, as I can continue with the other things I need to do. Although of course all these materials for the presentation are part of the papers and chapters for my dissertation so it is a good exercise to do them, as I get some lead way to analyse the data and information, think about them, find other relevant references, and get comments and opinions from others especially from my supervisors.

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