Thursday, December 13, 2012

NVivo Training

Early this week I attended a hands-on training on NVivo software arranged by the Student Research Office of the university. I had signed up for this a few months back but was informed that I could not join this due to limited slots. That was disappointing. Then last week the office sent out an email to inform me that there will be another training in January. So I confirmed to join. Then last Monday I got a call from one of my supervisors informing me that there were slots available for this week's training. That I should go already as they were starting. So I dropped what I was doing and hurried to the Library. Two other students sent me messages earlier that my supervisor was trying to reach me, and that I should attend the training. And gave me the venue. I hurried to get to the Library. Training Room No. 1 is on the 4th level, so up I went, hurrying, panting, only to find the room empty. So where was the training? I went on to another training room and the group was there.

There were only about 7 students there, and the trainor. So that means that they were only planning for 9-10? Out of hundred or probably thousands of students needing it? Oh well, so glad to be able to get in despite being late. I just assumed that the student research office informed my supervisor that there were two slots available as the students who signed up did not come. The group was already on page 12 or so of the training manual. I had to squint my eyes to see the screen so I can know which part of the tools the trainor (Ms Elizabeth) was talking about. I also tried to look at my seatmate's computer monitor as well as her manual to see which page it was on.  But first I had to log on to my univ account which took some time. The trainor just kept on talking, while giving me the training manual. I had to go to the first page of the manual just to read the instructions on how to go to the programme in the univ network.

Finally I was able to find it and open the sample file, which the trainor was using to demonstrate to us how to use the programme. I still felt a bit lost, so I had to read the manual pages to know how to get around the working area. 

The two days training of course were not enough but at least I know the programme a bit compared to zero knowledge at the beginning. Now it is up to me to know more about it and to work on my own data esp interview transcripts for the programme to really be useful for my research.

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